21 March, 2012

Issues Highlighted (UK Promo)

Another one I picked up cheap. I've needed it for ages but refused to pay the crazy prices it's gone for in the past but luckily I managed to find it for a very low price! This is a 5 track EP - 1. Falling Away From Me [04:31], 2. Trash [03:28], 3. Beg For Me [03:55], 4. Wake Up [04:09], 5. Let's Get This Party Started [03:41]. The single comes in a card sleeve and is product number XPCD 2422.


  1. any difference between the tracks on this promo and the album versions?

  2. Hey I just picked this up on ebay, think i over paid but I love it so much. Do you mind me asking how much you got yours for? Plus do have any accurate valuations on it?